Klinkmann Software and Services Division – we are one of the major automation and communication software developers in Europe.
Our software is used in over 80 countries in various industries.
Klinkmann’s developed software packages family includes:
- OPC and other communication / interface software
- M2M wireless automation software
- Functional modules completing Wonderware software like InBalance pipeline management, alarm management solutions, energy metering, etc.
Klinkmann’s customized services cover:
- technology and concept consultation for industrial communication, wireless automation, SCADA, MES and many other applications
- software development for customized needs
Please see our software in web and/or contact us for more information info@klinkmann.fi

Klinkmann Automation and Component Distribution Division – with some 250 employees, we are the leading technical distribution company in our region with 11 offices and stocks in seven countries (Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine).
We distribute products of the major global automation and electrical manufacturers, and our technical support teams consult and train our customers with the most optimal solutions.
You can find more information about our products and services in the local regional web pages, please choose by selecting corresponding flag in upper left corner.

New Products

OMRON CIP Ethernet/IP Communication Server

New OMRON CIP Communication Server (OmronCIP) allows to access data from Omron SYSMAC NJ-series Controllers using the Ethernet/IP CIP (Common Industrial Protocol) Message Communications (Ethernet/IP explicit messaging).
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New software for Wonderware System Platform

Alarm Extension Pack extends the Wonderware Alarm System with new functions, features and capabilities. Improved handling of alarms and events greatly increases the performance, capabilities and reliability of data processing for applications running in Wonderware System Platform environment.
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Schneider Electric and Wonderware, software made by Wonderware Finland

Wonderware Finland develops special additional software modules to enable interfaces and the best functions when using Wonderware standard software together with Schneider Electric fieldbuses and PLCs.
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Automation Intelligence Suite

AIS is a set of tools that allows you to quickly implement advanced functions/features in your System Platform solution by using reliable tested standard components for a mainteinable / upgradable solution
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GSM-Control Object released

GSM-Control Object is a Wonderware Application Server domain object created by using the Archestra Object Toolkit and used for 2-way remote control in automation and other applications using standard GSM cellular phones and GSM network. The main task of GSM-Control Object is to work as a gateway between GSM environment at one side (interfacing with GSM environment by sending/receiving SMS messages) and Wonderware System Platform environment at another side.

New Features

GSM-Control Object supports configuration text file import/export

GSM-Control Object now supports the possibility to import new configuration (or extend existing configuration with additional data) from text file or export existing configuration to text file.
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Russian language packages for Wonderware Historian Client 2014 and Wonderware Information Server 2014

Wonderware Historian Client 2014 (10.5) и Wonderware Information Server 2014 (5.5) localized into Russian language software packages are available on request.
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New and updated Wonderware user documentation in Russian

Wonderware user documentation in Russian now includes virtualization implementation guide and installation guide for ArchestrA System Platform, MES Client user’s guide and MES v4.0 development guide, new and updated user manuals for Application Server, Historian, Information Server and InTouch HMI.
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GSM-Control now supports enabling/disabling Users via OPC/DDE/LMX

GSM-Control SMS Gateway now supports the enabling/disabling Users via OPC/DDE/LMX, allowing sending and receiving SMS only to/from currently active Users. Such feature can be used e.g. in applications where Calendar functionality is required.
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InBalance for Wonderware, new features

Gas volume balancing and leakage location detection added to  InBalance for Wonderware, data reconciliation and mass balance solution for Wonderware System Platform.
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