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Klinkmann Oy - Information Management and Networking

Klinkmann offers agile, industry specific software, IoT solutions as well as industrial networking and cyber security. We supply open information management platforms secure solutions for enhanced collaboration, both on-site and in the cloud.

Klinkmann's data networking solutions boost uptime and ensure network reliability, security, and confidentiality. Our data and information management solutions address the unique challenges of industrial environments – you can start with a limited PoC and scale the platform to your full application.

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Klinkmann Automation Oy - Industrial Automation and Connection

Klinkmann Automation offers scalable, smart machine and smart manufacturing solutions, including a wide machine safety portfolio for industries. Our long experience in machine controls and industrial operations secure fast projects with optimal engineering work and maintenance costs.

Klinkmann Automation consults and supports in UL certified as well as TÜV machine safety solutions.

Our enclosure systems protect electronic controls and critical installations in various sectors.

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Finn Electric Oy - Power, Protection and Smart Energy

Finn Electric provides power and protection components for electrical panels as well as smart energy solutions for building, industries, utilities and manufacturers.

We offer a wide range of MV and HV transformers and MV switch gears focusing on electricity distribution, e-mobility, renewables, and critical infrastructures.

Our overvoltage protection solutions secure against lightning and surge voltages and our safety equipment secure safe installation work.


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Success-Focused for customers

Our mission is to help our customers to succeed in business. We support you in your digital transformation journey – to make faster projects with optimal budgets. Our long experience and extensive application reference base help you get the most from your technology investment and secure optimal solutions fast.


Knowledge, Support and Co-design

We are there for you. Our expert guidance and services provide valuable training and co-design assistance for solving your technical challenges and to improve performance – to make engineering and project work faster and solutions meeting the agreed budgets. We can help identify and fix issues before they occur.


Local Partner, Global Reach

We help our customers to choose the right solution for their needs, across the entire industrial lifecycle. As a part of the global network of market leading manufacturers, we have access to the broadest industrial solutions available today with global maintenance and services.


Smarter, Cost-Effective Logistics

We have organized efficient transportation and a large automated central warehouse of goods for you. Our professional procurement with our vendors and automated processes translate to faster delivery, lower costs and increased efficiency. We keep the product available for your production.

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