Solutions For Digital Automation

We are a leading Finnish supplier of industrial automation and electrification solutions. We provide solutions and services that help our customers improve their products and digitize their operations.

Klinkmann is the leading Finnish industrial provider of automation and electrification solutions and services. Klinkmann’s technical focus areas comprise machine and production automation, industrial data communication and IoT as well as electrical panel components and energy solution technologies. Klinkmann offers solutions and support services which help our customers to improve their products and operations.

Klinkmann employs over 250 professionals and technical experts, and distributes and supports the world leading manufacturers in its sales regions. The company has offices in Finland, the Baltic countries, Russia and other CIS countries. Klinkmann’s strong technical service teams are committed to ensure the best consultation and solution maintenance for customer needs and delivering of certified customer trainings and support.


Klinkmann´s Development Center focuses in developing add-on communication and functional software modules for automation systems of the main international manufacturers, like Wonderware Schneider Electric, Rockwell Automation, Siemens and ABB. We manage various industrial communication protocols, wireless and IoT solutions as well as alarming, reporting and other special operational functions in the main automation environments.


Klinkmann Software and Services Department develops software for automation and communication systems already more than 20 years – our development center is located in Riga/Latvia and Helsinki/Finland. Klinkmann software is used in many different industries in more than 80 countries.

Klinkmann software  solutions include:

  • ­Software for communication with automation and monitoring devices for various manufacturers´ devices and fieldbuses
  • Software for wireless automation incl. mobile network based solutions
  • ­Solutions for IoT concepts
  • ­Additional functional modules for complementing Wonderware software
  • Klinkmann also offers software development services on individual requests for dedicated devices and communication protocols.

Klinkmann also offers software development services on individual requests for dedicated devices and communication protocols.

All Klinkmann software supports the built-in demo mode – after installation, the software works in one hour demo mode with full functionality enabled and without performance restrictions. All that is required for the transition from demo version to fully licensed version, is to purchase and use software protection key (Software Key).


Send an order with the product code, delivery and invoicing address, as well as the VAT number of your company to the following address:

The Klinkmann software is protected with “computer dependent” software licensing (Software Key), the 16-character alphanumeric string, provided after purchasing the software.

After purchasing our software, we provide the free technical support for 3 months. After 3 months, the technical support agreement should be concluded – please ask support prices.