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Your AVEVA software solution represents a substantial and strategic investment to transform your business. With technical experts and an extensive global network, we partner with world leading vendors to foster competitiveness for our customers.

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For Industrial Digitalization

Improve manufacturing processes, reduce maintenance downtime and energy consumption, and collect valuable data for predictive maintenance. 

Klinkmann has extensive vertical industry experience in all the main segments incl, OEM machine applications, power and energy, food, chemical, forest, metal and other industries as well as water, building management and smart traffic incl. railway. With technical experts and an extensive global network, we partner with world leading vendors to foster competitiveness for our customers.


Let AVEVA InTouch take you beyond simplistic graphics to create meaningful content that will drive enterprise-wide operations productivity and cost savings. AVEVA InTouch empowers operators to optimize routine human interactions with industrial automation systems. The result is a quantifiable net increase in operator effectiveness. Our unique situational awareness libraries provide operators the contextualized information they need to address abnormal situations quickly and accurately — before they impact operations.

Used in more than one-third of the world’s industrial facilities, in virtually every country and industry, AVEVA InTouch software continues to deliver business value in engineering simplicity, operational agility, and real-time performance mastery.

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The full Windows base runtime offers all the tools you need for advanced SCADA applications.

AVEVA™ Edge Embedded HMI

AVEVA™ Edge for embedded systems such as Windows Embedded operating systems. The small footprint makes AVEVA™ Edge HMI ideal for embedded and edge machines.

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AVEVA™ Operations Control

The Aveva Operations Control, together with InTouch OMI visualization, provides a highly efficient and scalable software solution ranging from monitoring a single production line to enterprise-level MES (Manufacturing Execution System) production control.

The AVEVA Operations Control helps to harmonize the operations of production lines and entire factories, as well as to manage real-time information, alerts, and events.

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AVEVA Plant SCADA offers superior operational context and built-in functionalities that consolidate, simplify and optimize control. It streamlines your operations for efficiency, reliability and safety.

Intuitive configuration tools and powerful engineering features give you control of all your information, even as you add more data sources.

Robust visualization helps you see how to optimize operations now—and continues doing so as you change your design, process and operations over time.

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AVEVA™ Insight

AVEVA Insight gives you easy access to actionable information in the cloud. Its no-code, self-service, fit-for-purpose analytics work for ordinary operations users—not just data scientists.

Teams can collaboratively manage operations and assets in the cloud—from anywhere, at any time. AI tools help you optimize plant performance and prioritize maintenance. Process optimization analytics can help predict quality, energy efficiency, uptime, throughput, asset reliability, and asset life.

AVEVA Insight offers the fastest and simplest way to make your operations more agile and resilient. Lower your IT costs, grow sustainably, and uncover new possibilities.

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AVEVA™ Unified Operations Center

AVEVA Unified Operations Center offers a broad view of process and infrastructure operations with the ability to combine information from many different sources into a single graphical environment for enterprise visualization.

Whether your interest is a combination process metrics, maintenance analytics, engineering documentation, financial performance, or anything in between, Unified Operations Center is the foundation for real-time operational performance management.

With a centralized view helping to make informed decisions, your teams are provided with an enhanced layer of intelligence where data works in service to organizational goals to guide strategic operational activities from end-to-end.

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AVEVA™ PI System™

AVEVA PI System (formerly OSIsoft PI System), is an industry-leading data management solution built specifically to overcome the challenges of industrial environments. With AVEVA PI System, you can collect and store data from any location and source and rapidly extract the insights you need to optimize your business—all in a no-code, flexible environment.

We designed AVEVA PI System for quick deployment and fast return on investment—right out of the box. The integrated portfolio of solutions enables operations engineers, enterprise-level decision-makers, and analysts, all while maintaining full compliance with IT policies.

With deeper operational insight, faster analysis of critical data, and expanded visibility of remote assets and IIoT sensors, AVEVA PI System helps you operate more efficiently and sustainably. 

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AVEVA™ Historian

Capture and store high-fidelity industrial data. AVEVA Historian is a process database integrated with operations control that gives you access to your process, alarm, and event history data.

Combining advanced data storage and compression techniques with an industry-standard query interface, AVEVA Historian brings high-performance simplicity to keep your team fully aware of operational performance for faster troubleshooting and informed decisions.

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AVEVA™ Reports for Operations

Produce clear, professionally rendered reports for communication and analysis of real-time and transactional events.

With AVEVA Reports, report generation couldn’t be easier. Create reports quickly and have them delivered to anyone, anywhere. AVEVA Reports is no-code software with simple drag-and-drop, point-and-click configuration, and integration of real-time sources and manual data to HMI and SCADA, historians, enterprise software and relational databases.

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AVEVA™ Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Smart manufacturing through digital transformation.

Digitize, standardize, optimize and govern your operational processes and work activities across industrial manufacturing plants with AVEVA Manufacturing Execution System (formerly Wonderware MES.)

Optimize your manufacturing value chain. Enable smarter manufacturing operations management by aligning people and processes with technology and data-driven insights.

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AVEVA™ System Platform

Responsive, standards-driven, and scalable software for deploying advanced SCADA, MES, and IIoT.

AVEVA System Platform with Operations Management Interface (OMI) is the world’s only responsive, standards-driven, and scalable software for deploying advanced SCADA, MES, and IIoT that contextualizes operations processes across the organization. System Platform provides a collaborative, standards-based foundation that unifies people, processes, and assets across all facilities for continuous operational improvement and real-time decision support.

With AVEVA System Platform you can securely visualize enterprise-wide operations using an asset model to apply context to real-time processes, alarms, events, and archived historical data – creating a single, common information stream that makes system design and maintenance more efficient and flexible and provides operators with greater situational awareness for improved effectiveness.

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Other solutions

Klinkmann's IoT and Networking

Klinkmann's digital solutions encompass areas such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication, industrial networking and cybersecurity.

Matrikon - OPC Software

The Matrikon OPC IO server and security software can connect and secure various PLC, DCS, and IT systems.

The Matrikon OPC UA Suite is designed for security and modeling applications in service-oriented architectures, connecting different OPC servers together.

Matrikon FLEX Dispatch software supports Windows and Linux standard and custom-programmed applications, from small individual device systems to solutions scaling to thousands of data sources and millions of items.

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Belden Hirschmann – market leader in Industrial Networking and Security

Belden is the global market leader in Industrial Networking and Cabling.

Your industrial infrastructure faces new threats every day. Whether intentional or unintentional, the impact of these threats can be enormous. Belden's wide range of industrial cybersecurity products provides visibility and protection against incidents that threaten the security, quality and productivity of critical systems. 

Belden is the only provider of Open System Interconnection (OSI) solutions for layers 1, 2 and 3, ensuring a fully optimized network design with reliable performance. Belden has Hirschmann firewalls designed for industrial use and complete VPN solutions, including distributed security solutions. High availability is guaranteed by efficient verification functions and a scalable concept. 

With flexible segmentation and remote management, it is easy and safe to build both limited device-specific security and entire factory applications.

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Unitronics - PLC + Display Controllers

Unitronics – MiniPLC+display controllers 

Unitronics miniPLC+display controllers offer controllers, display, IO circuitry and communication in one package – cost-effectively.  

The applications scale from the row display all the way to the 20" display control devices. Typical applications include device and building automation, various energy and process controls, and as a substation in remote systems. 

UniStream Series Logics 

Unitronics UniStream series modular controllers for midsize applications. Powerful processor and fast memory. High quality screen 7", 10.4", and 15.6". IP65 / 66 protection class enclosure. UniLogic programming software enables fast and easily replicable application development and management. 

Samba Series PLC+display logic 

New cost-effective mini logic with 3.5", 4.5" or 7" color display. Environmentally sustainable. Enables 24 different operation displays and PID controls. Data collection and reporting. Pulse inputs and outputs for positioning. 

Vision Series PLC+Display Logics 

MiniPLC+display control devices 3.5"- 12.1" high-resolution touchscreen. Extensive memory for recipes, alerts, data collection and reporting. Different interfaces are possible: ethernet, fieldbuses and mobile networks. 

Free software for configuration and reporting. 

Unitronics Jazz Series Logics 

MiniPLC with text display with extensive memory and thermal controls. Environmentally sustainable.

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Pro-face - Operating terminals for industry

Proface (Japan) supplies high-quality HMI operating terminals and industrial PCs. Good display and tough durability ensure usability even in demanding industrial and automotive applications. 

Proface terminals have interfaces to automation equipment from different suppliers (Siemens, Rockwell, Schneider, ABB, etc.), fieldbuses, as well as ethernet/web and wireless interfaces.

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HMS – Gateways with IoT, VPN Remote Routers and Protocol Adapters

Routers for various automation protocols and transmission networks. System configuration, reporting and control applications. Point-to-point and internet-based network structures. 

HMS Ewon Cosy is a secure and easy-to-use VPN remote solution for device manufacturers. Connect to your device exactly when you need it. Compatible with the most famous PLC brands. 

HMS Ewon Flexy, IIot router with versatile features and interfaces allows data collection and buffering while VPN enables programming and maintenance. Ready-made alarm mechanisms, script and Java programming, MQTT and virtual user interface open up possibilities for IIOT solutions. 

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Helmholz – IO Devices

Helmholz solutions for seamless cross-network data flow. Space-saving and cost-effective devices for Ethernet and Profinet networks, not forgetting legacy networks. With secure communication and easy configuration, you build an automation network protected from unauthorized access. The small footprint and robust German design ensure your system has a professional appearance.

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